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At Nillaroad, we create and implement customized HR services that ensure you retain and develop the right talent through innovative and proven methods.

Our company provides a wide range of HR solutions, key tools and methods to support local and multinational companies that intend to do business with Iran.

Find out how Nillaroad can help you adopt the right people strategies and ultimately help your organization achieve its strategic goals.

نیلارود درباره ما


Given the prevalent disregard for modern leadership concepts in Iran, we have resolved to attain our objective by offering distinctive leadership professional development services. This approach encompasses a comprehensive understanding of both the Iranian market dynamics and the cutting-edge concepts and insights in leadership.


Our mission is to foster and support the professional growth of managers within Iran's job market, particularly those who possess a heightened sense of emotional awareness.

Our Experts

Nillaroad proudly boasts a distinguished team of consulting professionals, blending diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience in both Iranian and international business realms. Our team's robust insights span investment, strategy, industry, and HR, driven by extensive expertise and a deep understanding of the business landscape. Our ultimate objective is to facilitate our clients' success.

Amirali Nourbakhsh

CEO / Chairman of the Board

Mona Daryaafzoon

Senior Consultant and Trainer

Mehdi Talebi

Financial Manager

Hamid Beheshti

Senior Researcher and Trainer

Marzieh Izadi

Internal and Customer Affairs Manager

Behzad Valinezhad

Translator and Researcher