Assessment Center

Assessment Center

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

The term ‘Assessment Centre’ can be defined as:

‘A method for assessing aptitude and performance; applied to a group of participants by trained assessors using various aptitude diagnostic processes in order to obtain information about applicants’ abilities or development potential.’

The definition does not refer to a location, but to a process that is being increasingly used by organizations to assess staff, either as part of the recruitment process or for internal development and promotion. The ‘Aptitude Diagnostic processes’ referred to in this definition are the activities and tests that participant will undertake in the assessment center.

In an assessment center, a successful employee needs to show the following qualities:

  • Leadership
  • Adaptability to different situations
  • Ability to find a solution to a problem
  • Ability to work as team member
  • Technical knowledge
  • Hard skills


An assessment center will usually last from half-a-day to two full days depending on the needs of your organization.


Based on your organizational competencies, job descriptions, and position/job competencies (skill, knowledge, behavior, and ability), we design dimensions that are vital for recruitment and/or promotion and based on our research methodology, we will determine which of these abilities are assessed by means of which combination of the following methods:

  • Online tests

¨ Psychometric tools

¨ Knowledge test

  • In-tray activities and competency-based interviews
  • Presentation tasks
  • Case studies and group discussions
  • Fact finding activity
  • Role plays